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Turnkey Security Solutions

Premium Security is a boutique security solutions provider that focuses on developing strong working relationships with its clients. Our management team and staff are fully dedicated to offering personal and professional service that exceeds expectations. We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and work closely with them to deliver best-in-class tactical, guarding, technology and investigative services.

Boutique security solutions provider

Strong relationships with clients

Market leading security services

Growing footprint across South Africa

Tactical Security

Any combat scenario

With training from ex-military and police officers, our officers undergo a rigorous screening process to establish not only their skill but their honesty, integrity and a genuine passion for protecting people.

This high standard of service excellence and professionalism is maintained with continuous training programmes conducted by task force instructors and combat heavyweights.

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Guarding Services

Professional engagement

We provide commercial, industrial and residential guarding services, which include access control at entry and exit points, perimeter patrols and property management.

Our officers are equipped with superior public relation skills to ensure positive and professional engagement with clients.

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Close Protection

People and assets

All officers are trained to identify potential threat situations, enabling a proactive response that ensures the safety of their principal or valuable cargo in transit.

Our officers are medically certified and undergo advanced driving training to deal with any emergency situations. They are also equipped to gather intelligence and conduct surveillance. Our specialist operational support provides the backbone to our highly trained people on the ground to guarantee your people and assets are protected.

We provide armed escort drivers and guards for the transportation of valuable goods. Items under protection include anything from gems, cash, and jewellery to other valuable loads in transit in South Africa and cross-border.

Our guards undergo comprehensive screening, selection and recruitment processes. These officers are not typical guards and have undergone specific training to be proactive and technically astute in any given transit scenario.

All operations are coordinated, managed and monitored in real-time, both by management and through our 24-hour control room. Operators are in constant communication with our management teams.

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Technology Solutions

Identify threats early

We combine security technology with feet on the ground to reduce human error and assist in identifying and rectifying threats before they arise.

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