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VIP - Close Protection

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Premium Tactical Security has your Personal Security needs covered through consultation and operational measures. We take a proactive
approach to the Assessment of Risk, ensuring that security measures are adequate yet proportionate to the needs of our Client and Principal.
Whether an individual Protection Officer or a Full Team, we have the capability and capacity available, and Specialist Operational Support.
The Premium VIP or Close protection Division is at your disposal to attend to all your priority risk concerns.
This team has been specifically formulated to account for those potential security risks that traditionally are set outside of a controlled
environment, but at times within larger controlled events and scenarios as well.
Customers have become aware that risk to a company’s assets does not only lie within the perimeter of its operational facilities but beyond.
High-risk priority individuals can also be vulnerable to risk circumstances and conditions. A proactive measured approach is key to avoid
undesirable incidents.

  • Personal Protection Services, Strategy, Project Design and Management
  • Rapid response and evacuation for special events, labour disputes and natural
  • Crisis response and planning
  • Advanced scenario driving and evasive driving techniques
  • Travel security intelligence and logistics management
  • Secure transportation of executives and business associates and assets
  • These services are available and can be provided on a local, national, or international basis or as per services requests.