Vehicle Thefts

Thefts from Motor Vehicles:

  • Don’t place valuables in open view. Many of the thefts from motor vehicles are “Smash and Grabs”. Suspects smash a window to grab an item they see in plain view.
  • Store any valuables in the trunk, if possible, but at least out of public view.
  • When parking, check that all doors and your trunk are locked and that you have your keys with you.
  • Park in a well-lighted area.
  • Don’t tag your keys with your address or license plate number.
  • Never leave your title, registration or insurance documents in the vehicle. Keep them with you where you can easily get them if you need to produce them.
  • To help prevent your vehicle from being stolen, install a hidden “kill switch”, use a steering wheel locking bar, or install an alarm system.


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